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To accelerate the mainstream adoption of reusable packaging, and dynamically innovate reusable packaging inventory management in the food & beverage industry and beyond; one container at a time.


To be a pioneer in effecting the mainstream adoption of circular economy consumer habits.

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Every day, more and more demands are being placed on Earth’s natural resources.

Due to these continued demands, daily human activities are generating an immense, and growing, amount of pollution and waste.

In Singapore alone, almost 1,000,000 tonnes of plastic waste is discarded annually. Of this only 6% gets to be recycled!

The rest of the more than 900,000 tonnes of plastic waste goes through the incinerator and then to landfill.

Layer upon layer. Year upon year.

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If we can find ways to intelligently reuse the plastic, create business-friendly systems to manage reusable inventories, and inspire humans to only slightly change their habits for the better, we can start looking at true circular economy models and arrive at that ever-elusive zero-waste future that everyone is dreaming of.

How it started

Stephanie and Marcus kind of simultaneously arrived at the same fork in the road of their professional lives.

They met as corporate colleagues and for almost 10 years successfully collaborated on numerous projects, all the while getting to know one another’s personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and forming the foundation for an effective future entrepreneurial team; Stephanie rocking it with sales and Marcus squaring it with numbers.

After both of them had taken the leap out of corporate life, they each pondered their next steps.

Stephanie came across the Circular Economy model whilst furthering her studies and instinctively knew that this held the potential that she wanted to explore. Her initial idea was based on establishing a circular economy consultancy of sorts.

In March 2021 one afternoon over lunch, she floated her initial idea to Marcus. Immediately interested, he took the following month to conduct some research of his own and get acquainted with the subject before deciding to join Stephanie on her circular economy quest.

Loopedin had its first spark of imagination.

Now the work started in earnest, and over the course of the year Stephanie obtained academic certification in the circular economy field and Marcus evaluated possible fields of application and business models.

While considering potential projects worth pursuing in the fields of renewable energy, foodtech, and water, they eventually came upon the problem of single-use plastic waste in Singapore and how, through the application of circular economy models, this problem could be fixed.

They incorporated on 3 August 2021.

Loopedin was born.

Stephanie Simonnet

Stephanie hails from France and has lived internationally across the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Over a period of 25 years, she has scaled the multinational corporate ladder up to CEO-level, and has garnered astute executive and non-executive management and fiduciary knowledge and experience. On the operational side she specialised in establishing, developing, and managing multi-platform sales-and-distribution platforms and channels within the financial services sector.

From the top of this ladder though, Stephanie could see into the next 25 years and the future beyond, and a yearning arose to put all this energy, skills and knowledge towards a project that would serve more than a vested corporate interest.

A project that would be challenging, meaningful, fulfilling, fun and above all that would be of service and value to the future waiting around the corner.

The seeds had been sown and her Loopedin Story had begun.

Marcus Ho

Marcus is a qualified actuary who has garnered 20 years’ experience working in the life insurance industry in Vietnam and in his home country of Singapore.

Perspicacious in the art of designing numbers, and adept at the management involved in making them work, he has successfully held various senior multinational corporate positions ranging from chief actuary to chief financial officer.

These seats tend to be prickly, and require fine understanding of how finances and operations interrelate, as well as empathetic communication to provide key advice to senior management and boards of directors on matters such as financial product design, KPI-management, and solvency management.

But the world is made of more than board meetings and bottom lines.

Marcus is an avid problem-solver. He has a reputation for being dependable, keeping a cool head under pressure and always finding a solution. It was only a matter of time before this valuable skill set would start looking further afield for some interesting and difficult problems to solve.

Like the problems posed by the economics surrounding single-use plastics.

Matthias de Ferrieres

Matthias left France when he was 20 years old to pursue a career in entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific.

With more than 22 years of experience in the insurance industry in Asia, Matthias has created and sold a series of profitable start-ups, each of which offered a strong value proposition to the insurance industry. With a strong focus on insurance innovation and digital, he created the first web app concept and “skin” focusing on insurance acquisition.

Matthias is assisting the founding team in shaping up Loopedin by offering his entrepreneurial experience and insights to help shape the direction and strategy of the organization.

Matthias holds a PhD in International Entrepreneurship, a MBA from Chicago Booth – University of Chicago, a Master in International Law from the University of Sydney, and a Bachelor of Business degree from a French Business School.

Join LoopedIn and adopt reusables in your daily lives today. Together, we can close the loop and achieve full circularity.