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‘Quality’ is the name of the game when it comes to taking your business circular by adopting reusable container inventories.
To ensure Loopedin’s quality inventory management, collection, disposal, and recycling service levels, we pay particular attention to the quality of the containers and other products that we offer our clients.

Loopedin’s current material of choice is polypropylene (known as Plastic No. 5 or PP Plastic).
It is particularly durable, customizable, 100% food-grade recyclable, and it offers the maximum value through the circular supply-chain.

The quality of the circular supply-chain itself is based on Loopedin’s integrated network of bins, smart (reverse) collection machines and smart dispensing machines which tick all the boxes ranging from convenience and interactive customer experience, to cost-effectiveness, to boosting your ESG credibility.

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- Polypropylene (Plastic No. 5 or PP Plastic) and BPA-free
- 100% food-grade recyclable
- Various sizes available

- Customizable
- Break-, stain- and odour-resistant
- Lightweight and Durable

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products cups

- Stackable (space-saving)
- Dishwasher-safe
- Microwave-safe (unless indicated otherwise)

Smart Dispensing Machines

You do not need a shopfront or counter staff to be able to offer your customers smart, reusable containers.

Loopedin offers an RFID-enabled smart dispenser capable of integrating into our asset management system that can recognise registered users and dispense their containers of choice conveniently and intelligently.

Return Stations

Loopedin offers a variety of return stations to meet the different requirements of its clients.

We take style, functionality and interactivity seriously to ensure that your particular choice of return station fits perfectly into your particular business process, customer experience requirements, and branding aesthetic.

Smart Return Stations (Indoor)

Introducing the next level of convenience and circularity with Loopedin’s smart return stations.

These return stations are fully-automated with RFID technology, and integrated with Loopedin’s mobile app; enabling you to give your customers a hassle-free experience when they return their reusable containers.

In addition, these return stations are assembled from boards made of agricultural waste, which means they have been given a new lease of life and can also be disassembled to be reused for another purpose in the future!

Smart Return Stations (Customised)

Take your brand’s circular customer experience to the next level with Loopedin’s smart return stations.

These return stations are brandable, fully-automated, and integrated with the Loopedin’s white-label mobile app and marketing channel; enabling you to give your customers a customized and interactive brand experience as they participate in your circular model.

Indoors or outdoors, stationary or mobile, we have a customizable, sleek, weather-proof solution for you.

Join LoopedIn and adopt reusables in your daily lives today. Together, we can close the loop and achieve full circularity.